Just a bit outside - Who wants Jack Cust?

Who wants Jack Cust?

Anyone want a designated “hitter” who hit .213 with three home runs in 272 plate appearances? He once averaged around 28 home runs a year in a crappy park. Too bad he was playing his home game in the moon.

No one? Anyone? He’s DFA’d. The Mariners just released Cust, making him the second slugger whose career died in Seattle this year.¬†

Kenny Williams and the Chicago White Sox, come on down.

Cust is cheap, he’ll work for three meals a day at the closest Hometown Buffet, and at least he’s not embarrassing himself against southpaws the way Adam Dunn has all season.

Look at it this way, Cust will look like a semi-pro. At this point, Dunn is no better than you or I. I can strike out 207 times too.

  1. thinkmatic said: The Astros would probably love to have him.
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