Just a bit outside - Pitching’s never been a problem in Seattle

Pitching’s never been a problem in Seattle

Jason Vargas’ three hit shutout is Seattle’s eighth of the season, while Philadelphia has suffered its fifth.

Damn Seattle, you scary. Damn Philly, how you in first place?

Now off the Mariners go to find some bats to add around Dustin Ackley. The Phillies should be looking too. It’s OK to aim low if you’re Philly, fuck it, if you have dominant pitching like they do, in a crappy division no less, all it takes is a rodeo clown and a leopard-thong wearing has-been. And some Juan Uribe, who guess what, will be available because the Dodgers suck balls.

On a side note, Cole Hamels recorded his 1,000th strikeout.

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