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Todd Helton reaches 2,500 career hits Sunday after hitting his 583rd career double off Cincinnati Reds RP Curtis Partch in Coors Field. 

Helton, 39, will most likely retire after spending all 17 years in Colorado. Through Sunday, he’s hit .317 BA / .415 OBP / ..540 SLG / 133 adjusted OPS, with 365 home runs, 1,393 RBIs and 61.3 bWAR. 

Among his achievements, Helton counts five All Star game appearances, four Silver Sluggers, three Gold Gloves, a batting title (.372 BA in 2000), 10 consecutive years of hitting .300 BA or higher (11 total) and World Series appearance. He also ranks 14th all time among first basemen in Wins Above Replacement. 

Plus, Peyton Manning backed him at quarterback at Tennessee. 

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