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Photographic but out of sequence evidence of how the San Antonio Spurs stay mature. Fuck zen. Say hello to Confusius.

Respect your elders! (From Top to Bottom)

- Jerome Kersey, former Portland Trail Blazers starting small forward.

- Dominique Wilkins, the original Human Highlight Reel and still the only reason Atlanta still has a basketball team.

- Terry Porter, former Portland Trail Blazers starting point guard and running mate to Clyde Drexler.

- Kevin Motherfucking Willis needs no introduction. The former Hawks/Heat star was the only man Karl Malone feared during his playing days.

- Michael Finley, a foundation of Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks.

- Dale Ellis, Seattle scoring superstar.

-Tracy McGrady needs no introduction.

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  2. mattbirnbaum said: This is a great list (I’d add Moses Malone to it too), but I won’t have you calling Tracy McGrady, who is the same age as me, an “elder”. That’s not right.
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