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The Many Faces of the Ultimate Jobber, Steve Lombardi! Lombardi! Yeah, Paul Roma kicked his ass. Remember him? Young Stallion, Power and Glory, FOUR FOKIN’ WHORSEMAN — the dirty, hidden secret, like Waren Currullo, former lead guitarist of Duran Duran during the Ordinary World days, what what, and he’s now a Finnish pornstar. 

Fuck you weed and VH1. 

Anyway, mix and match!

From plain Steve Lombardi! Lombardi! To Kimchi, the trainer/manager of Kamala. He was given the most push as the first Brooklyn Brawler, before he became the Brooklyn Jobber, Jobber Chamberlain. And then there’s MVP, who was also Abe “Knuckleball” Schwarz. 

Now comes with a box of Doink midgets! Just add water and watch the little people build castles and an old folk’s home community. Yeah, I just compared midgets to brine shrimp. 

And an Iron Sheik Sled, demonstrated in this promo poster by Andre the Giant!

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